Buying or Selling a Registration

Personalised and attractive number plates have become a growth industry, with thousands of motorists now displaying registrations which perhaps represent their initials or advertise their business or profession. Others choose a number which bears an amusing message or simply to disguise the true age of their vehicle.

But to anyone who is not familiar with the system, buying, selling or valuing personalised registrations on the secondary market can contain a number of pitfalls and difficulties.

The Members Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers (MIRAD) was established to represent reputable and responsible dealers of personalised and attractive registration numbers and to protect the interests of their customers.

Members of the MIRAD adhere to a strict Code of Practice, and each member is regularly monitored by the Association to ensure that, for instance, members do not advertise registrations that they cannot be reasonably certain of supplying and that transfers are completed within an acceptable time limit. MIRAD member dealers have a proven reputation and, in the unlikely event of a problem or dispute, help is close at hand from MIRAD.


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