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This resource page has been designed to be used as a reference for any information you may have regarding registrations, number plates, the DVLA and other issuing bodies, and links for further research.

Latest News:

  • Release of Q prefix registrations
  • 54 plates released in September ’04

    Registration Types and Information

    • Guide to registration types
    • Number plate & registration formats
    • Suffix registration years
    • Prefix registration years
    • Registration age identifiers table
    • Number plate dimensions
    • Requirements of number plate suppliers

    DVLA Local Offices

    • DVLA local offices A-F
    • DVLA local offices G-M
    • DVLA local offices N-S
    • DVLA local offices T-Z

    Documents & Reference

    • The phonetic alphabet
    • V778 retention document
    • V5 registration document

    History of Car Registrations

    History of registration numbers
    History of issuing bodies
    History of the DVLA

    Internal site pages

    • Home
    • DVLA registrations search function
    • Contact Car Marks
    • Wanted number plates
    • Selling number plates
    • Mailing list registration
    • About Car Marks
    • DVLA number plates registrations auctions
    • Number plate FAQs & Help page
    • MIRAD Guide to number plates
    • Car Marks terms & conditions
    • Registration plate sellers FAQs
    • Registration plate buyers FAQs
    • General FAQ

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